COURSE Ⅳ: Reduce Patient's Overactive Inflammation Generators

Stop functional overactive inflammation generators. The relief patients receive is amazing,

Inflammation generators in the body

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome (ICV)

Sub-clinical Hiatal Hernia (HH)

Gluten Sensitivity (GS)

Inflammation generators cause stress on the body and interfere with all treatment protocol. For this reason State Energy Remedy® includes these three inflammation generators in the pre-treatment evaluation protocol.

In this Course Ⅳ, State Energy Remedy® Academy instructs the identification and the correction of the Ileocecal Valve Syndrome, Sub-clinical Hiatal Hernia, and Gluten Sensitivity.

A tooth abscess is also an inflammation generator. The tooth abscess was discussed in Course III. As a reminder, it should be identified in the consultation and steps taken to correct it by referral to a Doctor of Dentistry.

Ileocecal Valve Syndrome

Aside from infection, the Ileocecal valve syndrome is a primary inflammation generator in the body. When the Ileocecal valve becomes inflamed, it is the source of toxin which flows throughout the body because of its close proximity with the highly vascular Small Intestine. The generated toxin interferes with healing.

Hiatal Hernia

A Hiatal Hernia is descriptive of a portion of the stomach protrudes into the chest cavity through the opening in the Diaphragm which is designed for the Esophagus to pass through from the mouth to the stomach.

A Hiatal Hernia may cause a variety of symptoms and may be a source of inflammation. When the stomach protrudes through the opening in the diaphragm food can become trapped and putrefy producing gas and indigestion like symptoms.

In this Course the detection of the condition is termed Sub-Clinical Hiatal because the detected energy insult by State Energy Remedy® protocol may supersede a medically diagnosed Hiatal Hernia signs and symptoms.

Gluten Sensitivity

Gluten Sensitivity produces a similar pattern of symptoms as other Inflammation producers but not in any specific place on the patient's body. The Gluten Sensitivity symptoms seem to be more diverse. They are the symptoms that seem to defy any treatment for very long. The symptoms are like a cloud effect moving from one place to another without definition. The body's Intelligent Autonomic Mind is able to isolate the sensitivity if it is present.

It Is necessary to clear the findings of an inflammation producer before proceeding with the State Energy Remedy® treatment.

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Your Instructor

Ron Masters DC
Ron Masters DC
State Energy Remedy®
In 1997 Ronald Masters II, D.C. discovered two yet unpublished functions of the body’s energy system.
  1. One is the Meridian system’s connection to the body’s Occiput and Sacrum.
  2. The other yet unpublished function is the Meridian System acts as the depository for energy frequencies that insult the body which manifests into disease conditions.
Based on these discoveries, Dr. Masters developed a system of health care using the verbal expressions of the patient’s insulting energy frequencies to reduce symptoms and restore health. Dr. Masters also incorporated commonly used meridian and chiropractic energy techniques in the system.
The patient’s response is almost instant when the system is applied correctly because the application is based on neutralizing or removing insulting energy frequencies that cripple the body.
This new health care system is labeled State Energy Remedy® System.
State Energy Remedy® is a healthcare system which links the State of the body (presenting symptoms, conditions, etc.) with the Energy that controls the body’s State then applies a Remedy to reduce or resolve the symptoms, conditions at their insulting energy source. Just as a body’s cell cannot exist without blood, nor can a cell exist without energy. By removing the insulting energy, the condition it was supporting has no base, therefore, no expression.

Course Curriculum

  Course Ⅳ: Section A - Documentation for Control of Inflammation Producers Precare Examination and Clearing. (Refresh your browser after each login for the latest Course editions.)
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  Course Ⅳ: Section B - Acute Inflammation Producer - Ileocecal Valve Detection and Clearing
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  Course Ⅳ: Section C - Acute Inflammation Producer - Sub-clinical Hiatal Hernia Detection and Clearing
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  Course Ⅳ: Section D - Acute Inflammation Producer Gluten Sensitivity Detection, Jejunum inflamed, and Clearing
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