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Ronald Masters II, D.C. State Energy Remedy® Academy director

The State Energy Remedy® Academy instructs an exciting new system of healing that embraces the original Chiropractic premise, "The Origin of Disease is Energy Interference." This new healing system goes beyond the nerve energy interference of early Chiropractic and embraces all Human Electromagnetic Frequency Energy interference. The new system of healing is State Energy Remedy®.

Every State Energy Remedy Academy Package and Course is backed by a 99-Day Money Back Guarantee.

99 Day Money Back

This is a preview of the basic State Energy Remedy® technique.

An example of the 42 second technique.

Following is the Path that led to this amazing new technique, State Energy Remedy®

I knew the power of the body to heal itself is beyond man could come up with. After my wife’s death, I was determined to find how to unleash it. This is an article about how it evolved into the technique taught in the State Energy Remedy® Academy you are reviewing.

The day of her death was 21 months after we first discovered the adenocarcinoma tumor on my wife's right lung. Just 16 months since surgeons at Mayo in Rochester, Mn, removed her right lung with the diagnosis of adenocarcinoma.

That was when the frustration I had felt during my 30 years of practicing chiropractic became a constant. Why? Not why I couldn't stop her cancer, I accepted that, but why I couldn't control her pain.

At that time, I had one of the largest practices in Iowa. I was seeing 380 to 420 patients a week. I had incorporated every spinal technique available from Thompson to Gonstead. In addition, I added Applied Kinesiology acupuncture, Versidal, Truscott, ultrasound, diathermy, and pulse therapies. During the previous 30 years in practice, I acquired an enormous arsenal of treatments to help patients' conditions. However, there were still those patients I could not effectively reduce their symptoms. In Palmer's chiropractic philosophy class, I learned they all should respond to the release of nerve interference by spinal manipulation, but they didn't, including my wife.

With each patient that didn't respond during those 30 years of practice, my frustration mounted but ballooned during my wife's 16 months of pain before she died.

We prayed for an answer and sought medical and alternative cures from Burmuda to Oregon, but there was no answer to our prayers until five years after her death.

The Revelation

I had sold my practice just before she died, but I kept my license up to date and consulted chiropractic practices on management during that time. Then, suddenly I started to experience severe pain in my lower left abdomen. Spinal adjustments didn't stop the pain. But, during those episodes of abdominal pain, I noticed a slight sensitive lump on my occiput behind my mastoid. At first, I identified it as an acupuncture point, but the pain didn't lessen when the point was stimulated.

Eventually, I put my hand on the pain and stimulated the sensitive lump on my occiput, and much to my surprise, the abdominal pain subsided. I had taken and practiced SOT from Dr. DeJarnett. so I reviewed his literature and my notes, trying to define a correlation, but there was none.

In my search, I discovered one correlation between that occiput point and the left lower abdomen: the meridian alarm point for the large intestine. However, using the Large Intestinal alarm point as a treatment didn't release the pain either.

What did release the pain was the stimulation of the occipital lump while I held my hand on the pain. That created a puzzle, the answer to which involves more than 20 plus years of research, evaluations, and study.

NOTE: I say, "I discovered." I didn't discover anything. I am not that smart. This amazingly powerful technique was revealed to me, not by a burst of light, but by observation of what connected and what did not. This treatment is not my creation. This is far greater than anything I could come up with.

What I observed

I observed and questioned how and why disease conditions and pain exist in the human body. I observed and followed how to identify and stop or reduce pain and disease conditions with little effort.

The original premise of chiropractic was to reduce a "pinched nerve" to allow free nerve energy flow without hindrance. Unfortunately, in the last 110 years, our chiropractic profession has concentrated on spinal function, with current chiropractic practice paying little attention to what flows through the nerve.

Medical physiology has explained the transfer of nerve energy as a physical reaction between the neurons, which consist of the dendrites, axioms, and the cell body. However, there is also little attention paid to the energy that is transferred among the neurons by medical science.

Guyton's Physiology calls the sensing feeling and thoughtful human being as part of an automatic sequence of life in their first chapter, page 1, second paragraph. If it is an "automatic sequence," there would be no disease.

Both professions, chiropractic and medicine treat the expression of life without approaching the source of Life expression.

When I realized this, I began to understand the revelation that life's energy expression is the state of body health. Therefore, the optimum state of body health depends upon unencumbered body energies. Body energies are as diverse as the multitude of body functions. Therefore, the only way body functions can be as diverse as they are is different energy frequencies support each. An example of the difference is the kidney tissue, and function is not the same as the liver's tissue and function. They each need different frequencies to support and control them.

The Intelligence

It takes intelligence to create and control multiple frequencies and to respond to an action with a reaction. It is an intelligence far beyond what we imagine. It is the source of all tissues and functions of the human body. Yet only some have tried to work with the source so it may materialize physically in the manner the intelligence designed it to express. By that, I mean directly affecting the communication created by the intelligence, so health takes the place of disease.

Science observes the expression of the intelligence but not its properties. Chiropractic, acupuncture, and medicine try to stop disease and restore the expression of health by treating the disease expression, paying little or no attention to the source, the static energy communication causing the diseased expression.

Many names describe the intelligence that creates and controls the body's frequencies. Each title comes from observing the materialized expression. To avoid getting caught up in the interpretations, I named the intelligence the Intelligent Autonomic Mind.

The Static Insult

Health requires a multitude of proper energy frequencies. When those energy frequencies are insulted, improper function or disease occurs.

When a body's energy frequency is insulted, the Intelligent Autonomic Mind immediately quarantines the insult. However, through repeated insulting lifestyle activities, the insulting quarantined frequencies expand and manifest in the flesh, expressing a disease condition.

The Insulting Frequency doesn't replace the Life supporting frequency. Instead, the Insulting Frequency attaches to the Life-giving frequency, much as a parasite would, causing a static-like response in the Host Life Frequency.

The Correction

I observed how to neutralize the parasitic insulting frequency, thus releasing the Life frequency from the static. This eliminates or reduces the disease condition expression. The neutralizing frequency is generated with a few simple percussions. Because the frequency of the percussion changes, and neutralizes the Insulting Frequency, the result is as quick as flipping a light switch.

I have documented the procedure in this online school, State Energy Remedy® Academy.

I don't know if I could have stopped or reduced my wife's lung cancer with this new technique. What I do know is with the State Energy Remedy® technique, I could have helped her be a whole lot more comfortable with less pain. It is the most effective treatment I have ever experienced.

The Purpose of Chiropractic is not about the spine; Chiropractic is about Reducing Human Body Energy Interference.

Allbert Einstein's Quantum Physics discovery "Everything is Energy" opened a whole new avenue of healing to healthcare that no profession has taken advantage of except by accident. Chiropractic comes the closest with our Nerve Interference Theory of Disease.

Science agrees that everything is Energy, including the source of Disease conditions. Treating the Disease's expression (diagnosis) and not its cause (electromagnetic energy interference) will never change the Disease. That is similar to changing the painting in an effort to change the painter. All successful treatment of Disease has accidentally affected the Insulting Electromagnetic Energy interference causing the Disease,

This Academy instructs the State Energy Remedy® system of healing based upon the scientific evidence everything is energy and expands the original nerve interference premise to all Human Electromagnetic Energy interference. The result is The Insulting Frequency Theory of Disease, which has been clinically tested for over 20 years on thousands of patient visits with consistently exceptional outcomes.

The instruction in the State Energy Remedy® Academy creates excitement in the Doctor.

In office results begin with Course I. Each subsequent Course instructs how to obtain greater and greater results that are lasting.

How the State Energy Remedy® technique can produce consistently fast responses.

A simple example of this principle is a lighted room. The room with light is the STATE of the room. The light is the expression of ENERGY. Changing the light's expression when the room goes dark requires an energy switch, the REMEDY. The same principle applies to Disease. Interfering electromagnetic static energy causes Disease that is expressed as the body's STATE. The State Energy Remedy® technique approaches Disease in the same manner as a lighted room gone dark by detecting and correcting the insulting electromagnetic frequencies in the body, which are the switches causing static that interfere with the Human Electromagnetic Energy Field. That is the reason the State Energy Remedy® technique is so consistently effective.

Video from a Doctor of Chiropractic who has been into various energy technics and the importance of State Energy Remedy®

How his interest in Chiropractic energy techniques came about and his assessment of the State Energy Remedy® technique.

Here are the Courses that instruct State Energy Remedy®. To view the curriculum of a Course, click on the Course's icon. Thank you so much for being open to furthering your ability to give a sick world the experience of health.

It is the start of an exciting rebirth of your practice experience. You will gain confidence in what you do. You will be open to new and exciting results happening in your office before your patient leaves. Your patients' quick responses are as much a joy to you as to them. You can practice years past the normal retirement age if you choose, because of the no-impact State Energy Remedy® technique.


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Every State Energy Remedy Academy Package and Course is backed by a 99-Day Money Back Guarantee.

99 Day

The 99-Day 100% Money Back Guarantee is the strongest because I firmly believe you and your patients will benefit more than you ever thought possible. The technique is backed by science. Your participation will go a long way in moving our profession to the position in health care it deserves.

Your Doctor of Chiropractic degree is equal to, or greater than, a degree in Medicine. You were required to pass stringent National and State license examinations. You are held to a higher standard than all other healing professions. Then, you are limited to the Spinal Column to heal patients. That doesn’t make any sense at all. The State Energy Remedy® technique frees you to practice the full scope of your education for your patient’s benefit. With the State Energy Remedy® technique, you become a Doctor of body systems as well as a Doctor of the spine. The results are fast and repeatable with each of your patients.

Video by a Doctor who is working through the Academy Courses.

This is a good example of using the information as you learn. The results are always good.

I give a 99-day money-back guarantee, that is like 99 days of free access to the Academy.

99 Day Money Back Guarantee

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