COURSE Ⅴ: Overwhelmed Patient’s Energy Causes Energy Bridging - Clear

Determine and dissipate a crippling Energy Bridge support to obtain longer-lasting results.

This video is a demonstration of the Energy Bridge concept

When treating your patients just clearing the Host Meridian will cause an immediate response but may not create a lasting effect because of Bridging.

You were instructed in Course Ⅰ that the Host Meridian is a Meridian Channel which is a host to the insulting frequency producing the condition’s crippling energy. You were instructed how to identify the insulting frequency's Host Meridian and how to clear it. The Host Meridian of the insulting frequency is a temporary host. It is a temporary host because if the insulting frequency remained in that Meridian permanently it would affect the organ’s or system’s basic Meridian energy.

As an example, the Liver Meridian has the energy frequency for Liver function. If the Liver Meridian were host to insulting frequency producing crippling energy for too long it would begin to affect Liver function. Therefore, as a safety valve, a portion of the insulting frequency is passed to another Meridian over an Energy Frequency Bridge. The concept is much like handling a hot potato by passing it from hand to hand.

An Energy Frequency Bridge is created by the Intelligent Autonomic Mind to stabilize a crippling condition’s insulting frequency when the insulting frequency threatens to overburden the chosen Host Meridian’s healthy frequencies. The Intelligent Autonomic Mind recognizes the danger of such powerful insulting frequency energy. It, therefore, stabilizes the powerful crippling symptom frequency by distributing the insulting frequency through an Energy Frequency Bridge to a more stable Meridian channel or Energy Center. Identifying the Energy Frequency Bridge and its subsequent attached Meridian or Energy Center is a key to reducing and eliminating the symptom’s energy source.

This Main Course Ⅴ, "Energy Frequency Bridging" instructs you on how to determine if an Energy Bridge is present for the condition's Host Meridian. If an Energy Bridge is present this Energy Frequency Bridging Course instructs how to clear it.

The patient’s Intelligent Autonomic Mind handles the Energy Frequency Bridge in the same manner as it does the Adapting Energy Centers by assigning the Energy Frequency Bridge to a temporary Host Meridian. Each Energy Center in the stabilizing energy string of bridges and centers has a temporary Host Meridian. These Host Meridians must be identified and cleared of the insulting frequencies in order for the body to move the patient to a new level of homeostasis as in the body’s health.

Aging is a result of this process of Energy Frequency Bridging. When the energy centers of the body become so burdened with insulting energy frequencies that the Intelligent Autonomic Mind can no longer communicate, death ensues.

It is important for you to know how to find and clear Energy Frequency Bridges.

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Dr. Ronald Masters II
Dr. Ronald Masters II

Ronald Masters II, D.C. F.I.C.C.

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Professional: Masters family of 10 Doctors of Chiropractic - Presently in over 50 years of active chiropractic practice. -Fellow of the International College of Chiropractic, Lifetime - Developer and instructor of State Energy Remedy® technique - Consultant practice management - Chaired Iowa Board of Chiropractic Examiners for 9 years - Iowa Chiropractic Society member, Lifetime - Iowa Chiropractic Society Parliamentarian; Recipient I.C.S. President's Awards - I.C.S. Outstanding Iowa Chiropractor Award; Iowa Chiropractic Society Board, Past; Chiropractic lobbyist in Iowa legislature, Past - Health Care Equalization Committee, Chair Past; Iowa delegate to the American Chiropractic Association, Past - President of ACA Technic Council, Past

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  Course Ⅴ: Bridging Insulting Energy Centers. (Refresh your browser after each login for the latest Course editions.)
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  Course Ⅴ: Section B - Documentation Energy Frequency Bridging section on the State Energy Remedy Daily Treatment Sheet
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  Course Ⅴ: Section C - Energy Frequency Bridging - Host Meridian Support Detection and Evaluation
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