Chiropractic Is More

Doctors of chiropractic use cell phones, wireless tablets, and wireless computers but are still using the same 1910 spinal approach to energy interference. Today there is more knowledge available concerning energy and Life-Force. We need to update our approach to healing and focus on Life-Force interference based on current knowledge and understanding.

Chiropractic Introduction to The Insulting Frequency Origin of Disease

In early 1900 Albert Einstein described the underlying foundation of physical form. He is attributed to have said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it.” “This is not philosophy.” he continued, “This is physics." Since we see, feel, taste, touch, and hear in the physical,...


Guyton physiology based Chiropractic definition

This Blog is sponsored by the State Energy Remedy Academy. Guyton based Chiropractic Definition A definition of chiropractic based on The Textbook of Medical Physiology is: Chiropractic: A health care system that supports, opens and maintains the...


Life is Energy

This Blog is sponsored by the State Energy Remedy Academy. Albert Einstein is attributed to have said "Everything is Energy. That is not Philosophy that is Physics.” Dr. D.D. Palmer the discoverer of the chiropractic principle stated: “Life is the...