Chiropractic Is More

The scientific fact that everything is Energy includes Disease. This Blog and the State Energy Remedy® Academy address the Energy of Disease. There is more to the Energy of Disease than Nerve Energy thus the title of this Blog - Chiropractic is More.

The danger of doctors of chiropractic being combined with doctors of physical therapy

I am concerned our profession will be combined with Physical Therapist. There is great power in the Insurance industry, and the legislators are always looking to cut health care costs. With our present self limitation to the spine we are setting ourselves up for a take-over much like the...


Downs Syndrome Child's Amazing Chiropractic Response

Downs Syndrome child's amazing response I just had a most amazing experience. A lady and her mother came into my office this morning with a 34-day old baby girl that is a diagnosed Downs Syndrome child. The mother said her child tosses her head back to the right and left which made it...


Doctor of Chiropractic education compared to Doctor of Medicine education

Doctor of Chiropractic education compared to Doctor of Medicine education. Doctors of chiropractic receive more training in anatomy and physiology while Doctors of medicine received more training in public health. Chiropractic colleges focus on chiropractic principles, diagnosis, orthopedics,...


Chiropractic Introduction to The Insulting Frequency Origin of Disease

In early 1900 Albert Einstein described the underlying foundation of physical form. He is attributed to have said, "Everything is energy, and that's all there is to it.” “This is not philosophy.” he continued, “This is physics." Since we see, feel, taste, touch, and hear in the physical,...


Guyton physiology based Chiropractic definition

This Blog is sponsored by the State Energy Remedy Academy. Guyton based Chiropractic Definition A definition of chiropractic based on The Textbook of Medical Physiology is: Chiropractic: A health care system that supports, opens and maintains the...


Life is Energy

This Blog is sponsored by the State Energy Remedy Academy. Albert Einstein is attributed to have said "Everything is Energy. That is not Philosophy that is Physics.” Dr. D.D. Palmer the discoverer of the chiropractic principle stated: “Life is the...