Introducing Chiropractic’s Fastest and Most Comprehensive Therapeutic Technique.

The Academy offers a Limited Time Introductory Saving of 50% on the Courses of this fastest pain release and most comprehensive therapeutic technique in Chiropractic. Its base is the Quantum Physics scientific understanding, "Everything is Energy," including disease. The technique produces patient outcomes never before possible; incomes increase.

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The State Energy Remedy® Academy introduces this NEW, NEVER BEFORE PRESENTED APPROACH TO HEALING. It has been Clinically tested for over 20 years on thousands of patient visits with consistently amazing results.

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The new healing approach is based on the original Chiropractic premise that the origin of Disease is energy interference and expands it with a scientific base. This new approach goes beyond Nerve Energy and embraces all Life-Force Energy, the name is State Energy Remedy®

STATE is the condition of the body. ENERGY is the Life-Force Energy creating the condition. REMEDY is the treatment that results in a healthier state. Every practitioner, Chiropractic, Medical, Homeopathic, Massage Therapist base their healing efforts on the State of the body. Every practitioner applies a Remedy based on the body's State, but the true cause of State is Insulting Energy.

Albert Einstein's Quantum Physics discovery "Everything is Energy" opened a whole new perspective for Healthcare that no profession has taken advantage of except by accident. Since everything is Energy, Disease is energy also. To treat the Disease's expression and not its Energy base will never change the Disease. That is similar to changing the painting in hopes of changing the painter. Those practitioners who successfully treat Disease have accidentally affected the Insulting Energy of the Disease that includes Spinal Chiropractors.

The State Energy Remedy® Academy's instruction is based on treating the Insulting Energy causing the Disease. The results are beyond any treatment being used by healthcare practitioners. There is a consistent result, no matter the patient or the condition. That cannot be said of any other profession's treatment protocol. Sadly, Spinal based Chiropractic cannot say it. It is time for Chiropractic doctors to embrace the "Everything is Energy" concept. This online State Energy Academy offers that opportunity.

Your Doctor of Chiropractic degree is equal to, or greater than, a degree in Medicine. You were required to pass stringent National and State license examinations. You are held to a higher standard than all other healing professions. Then, you are limited to the Spinal Column to help patients heal. That doesn’t make any sense at all. The State Energy Remedy® technique frees you to practice the full scope of your education for your patient’s benefit. With the State Energy Remedy® technique, you become a Doctor of body systems as well as a Doctor of the spine. The results are fast and repeatable with each of your patients.

Course I is the primary Course that gives you the basic tools to achieve a more successful practice, achieve faster and better results, and increase your financial status. It is the base for the other Courses which instruct in handling the toughest cases that enter your office with ease.

Once you are familiar with this Course in your practice you will have the opportunity to apply it to faster more fluid spinal manipulation, condition-specific nutrition for greater patient support, Cranial Nerve correction (an unheard-of ability in health care). You will have the opportunity to correct and control extremities with more relief than ever before. You will achieve fast lasting results that keep your patients in your office because you are the doctor they consult with first.